Thursday, March 13, 2014

UWW student acted like an immoral coward (by anonymous student)

Let me first begin by saying I feel people should stand up for what they believe in.  However, this case is a perfect example of how standing up can be done in a horribly wrong way.  Kyle Brooks could have expressed his views/concerns by many means, yet he chose the path of cowardice, showing no concern for those he harmed (and is still harming) in order to benefit himself.

First, let’s cover what Kyle’s actions entailed.  While listening to a guest speaker (Biddle), Kyle was offended by some of Biddle’s comments.  Therefore, he secretly pulled out his phone and began recording Biddle’s presentation.  Later the same day, Kyle then posted the video to multiple sources, and the story spread like wild fire, eventually gaining national attention with Kyle getting an interview on Fox News.

When Kyle began to get offended by the speaker, there were multiple ways he could have handled the situation.  He could have raised his hand and countered the speaker during the presentation (if this was allowed).  If this was not an option, he could have talked to the speaker or the professor after class.  He could have expressed his views on the blog which is specifically created for his class to discuss the topics covered in class.  Or, if he simply couldn’t handle a viewpoint that was different than his own, he could have left the class, an action which would have shown his irritation in a powerful yet peaceful way (even if it is rather dogmatic).

Instead of this, Kyle took the low road.  Is Kyle proud of what he did?  Is he proud that performed an illegal action (videotaping the speaker)? Is he proud that he was too much of a coward to confront the professor or Biddle face-to-face, and instead went behind their backs to a news station which skewed the words of Biddle, allowed him to insult his professor without her being able to defend herself, and basically insulted the entire campus?  Is all of this negativity worth Kyle getting media attention and a potential future career with groups of people as narrow minded as he is?  Throughout the remainder of Kyle’s life he is going to encounter people who are different; is this how he is going to react every time?  Is he going to attempt to get them negative national coverage all for his own personal gain?  Is Kyle incapable of hearing views that go against his own?  If so, he will never be able to function in this society.  With all the grief that Biddle and the professor have been getting, Kyle deserves every ounce of anger thrown at him.

Were Biddle’s comments controversial?  Yes.  Should Biddle consider changing his presentation so it is less offensive?  Arguably yes.  Was Biddle’s presentation horrible enough to justify Kyle’s actions?  NO!  I watched a good chunk of the presentation, and while I might not have agreed with what Biddle said, I was never gasping in horror.  I also feel the professor made no mistakes, except being a Democrat with Kyle Brooks in her class.  She tried to show a viewpoint, believing her students were mature enough to handle it, and unfortunately, Kyle was not.  If this campus truly is as Democrat favored as Kyle says it is (many feel the opposite way), and if he feels so out of place, then he should just leave and try another campus.  If Kyle has any dignity whatsoever, he will apologize to both Biddle and his professor, both privately and publically.  But until that happens, I feel Kyle is an immoral coward who is not fit to be in any adult institution.

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