Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can’t Blame the Unexposed Idiot (by anonymous student)

Our knowledge has a profound affect on our reality. If you only have knowledge on one side of an argument and are not exposed to the other, there is no way you can really have a point of view in the matter. This knowledge you only get from one side of the argument would be your own reality because it is the only side you know; however, if you are exposed to both points of views, you are able to use your own knowledge of the entire situation to know the true reality.

In the discussion of the Eyon Biddle/Kyle Brooks videos, I do not think that anyone can choose whose side they are on unless they have viewed both sides of the argument. If someone only saw the video of Brooks on Fox News, they would most likely view Biddle in a bad light due to what information was shown and talked about on television. Biddle was portrayed as a racist, republican hater on the news because the argument was only given from one point of view on the matter of what happened in that situation. Biddle’s side in that case was not even presented. If someone only happened to see the video of Biddle’s lecture, they are only exposed to the part of the lecture that was recorded and are not aware of the entire context of the situation that the lecture is happening in or what was said prior to it or afterwards. One could agree with Biddle’s speech or disagree, but at least they saw for themselves what was said in the video of the lecture. If someone saw both videos, they would be able to have a strong sense of reality because they were exposed to the entire situation, or as much as was recorded. Therefore, the truth is one’s own perception of reality and they can develop their own stances on the situation of Biddle/Brooks, since they have full knowledge of the situation.

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  1. You make good points, and even though this is months late, I am curious what side you would consider yourself on, granted you know both sides well enough to make such a decision ;)