Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Roommates suck! (by anon)

Most people will understand this rant – roommates suck!  No one ever cleans up after themselves, trash heaps pile up, and if dirty dishes were valued like gold I would be the richest person in the world. Seriously I get fed up with the entire kitchen stacked with dirty rotting dishes that have been sitting there for weeks, so I spend over an hour washing them all only to find the sink get piled back up in one day!  What the hell people!  Everyone says they wash their dishes but that’s obviously not true unless multiple homeless people are coming into our house midday to make a quick meal.  
And what's worse is the trash problem, it’s called a “trash can” so use it.  Don't throw your shit on the floor and expect it to magically disappear.  Maybe pick up the vacuum up every once and awhile and clean up the dirt you dragged in when you were blacked out drunk the night before.  
Another thing is I don’t care if you drink my milk and eat my frozen pizzas, but at least buy a gallon the next time you're at the store!  For this reason people should live alone or with one or two roommates maximum. Living in the a house with over 4 roommates is just too much to handle.  It is impossible to delegate chores between college roommates at this level.  Even if you live with friends this can be a very difficult task.  Living on your own you will be able to concentrate more on school too.

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