Saturday, January 5, 2013

Are we doomed? (by anon)

If all of the soldiers
In all the armies
In all the world
Put down their weapons
And picked up tools
And started building sustainable/carbon zero housing
For all the people of the world
Our problems would be over
And real life for all people would begin.

Is this a feasible idea? Is it possible that this could ever happen in our day and age? Or is global cooperation past our time? Would it even work?

I would argue that this would be a good idea, but it would never actually happen in our current time period. There is too much political and religious ideology out in the media to cloud the judgment of the citizens. Why is it that we can hardly cooperate with much of the globe? As a country, we seem to turn to war in times of need, but why can’t we just work out our problems through cooperation, compassion, and interdependence? We have become so detached from the tremendous pain of violence, war, disease and hunger. Do we even care for the rest of humanity? Or are people so wrapped up in themselves that change and cooperation on a global level is no longer attainable? 

Are we doomed?


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