Thursday, August 18, 2011

Should you be a Democrat or a Republican?...It's all a matter of perspective... (by anon)

Lately there has been a huge battle when it comes to the idea of having political parties.   Is it true that one party is correct over the other?  Is it true that one party is the good guy over the bad guy?  Or is it a matter of perspective on whose right or whose wrong?  Or are both political parties completely wrong or are both political parties completely right?  I argue that regardless of what political perspective, political ideology, or political party that you are.  It’s important to focus on perspective to see both sides of the coin.

The political parties that we are talking about here as many of us know are the republicans and the democrats.   Team red verses team blue and team blue against team red.   The goal and objective of the party from my perspective is whoever has the most politicians standing on their side wins the match?   Is that right, is that wrong?   Is it a good thing to have power or is it completely evil?     

The republicans have been historically known to cut spending when it comes to fiscal policy and they are known to try to act very morally on a social level in where many are against things such as having abortions and legalizing gay marriage.   However a lot of people argue that they love businesses and love helping out the rich.   However it’s a matter of perspective remember, because on the reverse side republicans are known to cut taxes so that more Americans have more money in their pocket to stimulate the economy and to pay bills.  But also if taxes are lowered for businesses at least they have more money to hire more people on.

The democrats have been historically known to increase spending on social programs in the government to help for the best and the wellbeing of the people that may be disadvantaged or maybe they need help socially to get back into society and on the right track.  Many people enjoy that the democrats are willing to increase funding for many public programs.  One of the big things that democrats help with is increasing funding to public schooling which at least helps the typical college student when more Fafsa money can be available to them.  Then when it comes to social policy, democrats tend to believe from my perspective that everyone should have equal rights as everyone should have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   However the biggest complaint about the democrats is that many people don’t want their taxes to increase any further and many people that are very religious think that the democrats are immoral providing equal freedom and equal rights when many democrats stand for legalizing gay marriage and abortion rights.

What is right and what is wrong?   It really depends on your perspective of what is right and what is wrong?  But from my personal standpoint both parties have offered great and not so great things to this country, whether that is health care, education, environmental, etc.   But what matters most is that regardless of what political affiliation.    It’s important to accept others even if they have similarities and differences.    All it takes is an idea to make something big and it is important to share your voice in what you believe and because we live in the land of the “free” at least you are able to vote your representatives in and out of office in order to find someone that represents your views the most.    It’s important to discuss ideas and possibly discuss new ideas as it’s important that both parties represent America because we are one country in where it’s important to work together.


  1. Sorry, I know you mean well, but honestly your post reads like something a high school student would write. You appear to be a studious, thoughtful person, so here is my recommendation: Consider taking a political science class. Pick up a copy of Howard Zinn's A People's History of America. He covers most of the issues/problems in American society quite well. So if you are going to continue commenting on these kind of issues in the future, you will be better informed.

  2. I agree. This post is naive. As if the two sides are merely a matter of taste. There are serious morsl and political issues going on here.