Monday, August 15, 2011

Mainstream Hip Hop Music SUCKS! (by anon)

Okay, I drive an hour to and from work daily. One of the many genre's of music I appreciate listening to is rap, but not any rap, strictly conscious rap. Notice how I defined which type of rap I like listening to? Back in the day, no one had to do that, because rappers were actually really rapping. Now when I turn my radio on, all I hear is this crap that is backed up by a really nice sounding beat. What has the world come to? These fools are getting paid millions off of their chart topping tracks that consist of words that I could have probably pieced together in the 2nd grade.

Honestly, I'm not disrespecting every artist on the radio, because I know there are some real heads that are staying strong and rapping the way it's supposed to be. I can't begin to describe the songs of artists like Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka. I almost blame consumers for this outcome because this is the exact stuff people want from rap industries now. It's becoming all about what you can grind to at the club, or what has the hypest beat. I can curse in a song 1000 times in a row, or talk about gettin' money and how "fly" my car and necklace are, with even auto tune on, but if the beat is fresh, it will probably sell millions when given the right connections.

I'm just glad that underground hip hop is still alive and well. It doesn't trump this mainstream bull**** but at least people that are willing to actually listen to the lyrics can still get what they want. We need to get rid of this crap! It's poisoning the minds of the younger generation. These whack artists don't set a good example for kids. DRUGS, SEX, MONEY, CARS, MURDER, GANGSTERNESS, WOMEN, ETC is all I'm hearing coming out of these "popular" artists' mouths. I remember being into this crap back in middle school and high school. It was cool back then because we weren't educated on what good music is.

Many people even say rap just sucks in general, however, I respectfully disagree. You have to give something a chance before you completely rule it out. That's because people are basing their judgements on solely the crap that they've heard in mainstream. I recently converted my friend to appreciate conscious rap and he used to be a strict hater. You can easily find conscious rap by googling it. Try it out, and if you still don't like it, fine. I'm happy as long as you gave it a try.


  1. So you do not like gangster rap. A solution is to change the dial or turn it off. Lil Wayne has won 4 grammies and has sold over 30 million records worldwide so he does not need your approval. I noticed that you did not mention the white rapper Eminem.

    By the way, I like both of them.

    1. Is because he is POPULAR, some pop-formula/chart topping guy made to get masses and so, not because his writting skills and deep as f*ck messages in his lyrics.

  2. Well anon 7:58, popularity does not necessarily equal quality.... Although this post may be just an opinion, I think it's a valid opinion and would say that I agree, because I have heard rap with intelligent lyrics that paint a picture or tell a story, or just have a deeper meaning in general, and I consider THAT quality rap. Basically mainstream rap is for surface level enjoyment, and in order to enjoy it (from my perspective) one must not care about what is being rapped about, or whether or not the rapper is sending a deeper, more meaningful message to his/her audience. The majority naturally just doesn't care about listening to quality lyrics in rap, thus it makes sense that the mainstream is the weakest form. People will just listen to what is "in" and never think twice. Poor little sheep, they don't even know what they're missing.