Saturday, July 30, 2011

Using Marijuana is Dangerous and Stupid (by Mr. Thickskull)

Marijuana is an illegal substance in the United States, including the state of Wisconsin, and it is rightly so.

Marijuana ruins lives and makes normal people become idiots, and it is a very dangerous psychoactive drug, which is why people who use marijuana are stupid.

1) When people start using marijuana, they automatically sway towards other dangerous drugs as well, such as crack, cocaine, ecstasy, heroine, etc. because marijuana is a "gateway drug". This means, that when people start using marijuana, the world of those other drugs I listed above opens up for them, and people are likely to enter it. This is why marijuana must remain illegal. If it were legalized, who knows how many more horrible drugs everyone would start doing as well?!

2) Marijuana impairs your motor skills. So, to use marijuana and drive is just as dangerous (if not more dangerous) as as it is to drink alcohol and drive. If marijuana were legalized, people would probably drive around high even if it were still illegal to drive high (because people still drive around drunk, even though that is illegal), and as a consequence of this, we would most likely see the rate of accidents/injuries/deaths double, if not triple, the rate of accidents/injuries/deaths already caused by drunk drivers.

3) Marijuana harms your lungs.... probably even more so than smoking cigarettes. And I bet some day we will learn without a doubt, that smoking marijuana increases the risk of developing cancer just as much, if not more, as smoking tobacco does. Furthermore, marijuana causes increased heart rate and panic attacks. This happens to me when I get on airplanes and go in elevators, and it is extremely frightening, and can cause sudden death.

4) A short term effect of marijuana is loss of memory. This is dangerous in situations like cooking, because you might burn your meal, or forget the recipe. Or when you are trying to leave the house, but you keep forgetting where you put your keys. Or you forget what the score is, or whose serve it is, while playing tennis. Or you forget you already fed your cat.

5) Marijuana draws people away from reality. People become paranoid and introspective. They start thinking to themselves a lot, and reflecting on their situation, who they're with, where they are, what they're doing, and what they’re thinking. This is an unnatural and unfamiliar state of existence that people should not experience. Marijuana changes brain activity and makes people think differently and form dangerously high levels of awareness. It’s not good when people get too absorbed in their own thoughts, and end up out in space somewhere, curiously gazing at the stars, or watching Planet Earth, muted, while listening to Pink Floyd, or some other hippie garbage.

6) Marijuana causes delayed reaction time. It slows people down, so they act like idiots when they're high because they don't respond immediately to questions, or get up right away when the phone rings. This slowing down means that all people can do when they’re high is stuff that requires little to no mental work, such as sit on the couch, watch TV, sleep, play video games, indulge in munchies, and have intercourse.

7) According to some sources, marijuana use is positively correlated with later onset of schizophrenia and depression. This means that the more marijuana one consumes early in life, the more likely it is that one will develop one of these mental disorders later on. What’s more, according to an article I read from a 1923 U.S. newspaper, smoking marijuana causes murderous thoughts.

8) Another short term effect of marijuana is the inability to learn and retain information. If marijuana were legalized, people would probably start using it at work and school all the time. And since it is impossible to do a good job at anything while high on marijuana, people in school and work would fail miserably, and our whole society would probably crumble within a year, or less.

9) Marijuana is addictive, just like other drugs such as heroine and crack. So once people start, they grow dependent on it, and they must get treatment in order to stop.

These are all actual effects of the harmful drug marijuana, and they apply to everyone who uses it. I myself, for the reasons above, have never smoked or ingested marijuana ever in my life, and I never will. There is nothing good or safe about using marijuana, and if you do it, you will probably do even more dangerous drugs, get cancer, crash your car, lose the ability to function normally in society, perform terribly at work and school, overfeed your cat, and look like a complete idiot.

In my opinion, people should just stick to what is legal - alcohol. Alcohol is not even a drug, nor could it do the kind of harm that marijuana can, and it is strictly reserved for those who are over the age of 21. With alcohol, you can let all of your emotions run wild, and be sociable, carefree, happy, not withdrawn, and have the courage to say/do things you would never say/do normally (while with marijuana, you naturally become unmotivated, withdrawn, stupid, and slow, so you never really do anything at all).

Also, if you're one of those people who claims to use marijuana for chronic pain or anxiety or something, you should try to get prescription drugs from doctors instead (such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Xanax, etc.). Those are much safer.

So be safe and smart - don't use marijuana, because it is illegal for so many good reasons! Just stick to the legal stuff - alcohol and prescription drugs. It is for your own good!


Mr. Thickskull


  1. Smoking reefer and weed, drinking pluck, drinking turpentine, sniffing glue or horse, porn, sky diving, hoarding, crack, meth, food, hunting innocent animals, eating meat, eating veggies, tats or tongue piercing, video games, television, movies, booty shaking on You Tube, sports, celebrity worship, war, exhibitionism, perpetual college student, lecherous prof, power hungry authority figure, Jesus freak, Allah freak, Buddha worshiper, science freak, racist, sexist, hate old people freak, hate children freak, super patriotic, cruising, banging, evangelism, meditation, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, diving, running, pompous, prescription medication, self inflicted pain, S&M, and many many other additions. Whatever floats your boat.

    Your choice?

    You are free!

  2. Really, Anon 4:25?? Seriously???? You know a lot of those are legal but marijuana is not one of them, so I don't feel as free to choose marijuana as someone who chooses "eating veggies".
    And marijuana won't kill you like some of those other things you listed.
    How are you even putting all of those things into the same huge category of so-called "addictions"?
    I agree with "whatever floats your boat"(as long as you don't do anything to anyone against their will in the process) but what if whatever that is that floats your boat, gets you taken to the police station and handed a few hundred dollars worth of citations?
    Then your boat sinks, and you are no longer free to float it.

  3. By that troll logic, vicodin is a gateway drug an should not be prescribable by doctors. I've tried both pot and vicodin and the latter is far more adictive.

    I hope for the sake of the human race that you haven't procreated and thst one of your panic attacks delivers you to your god. Maybe you will be born into a more tolerant society next time.

  4. lol I really hope this is sarcastically written... otherwise I will hope that one day you will find a cure for your ignorance.

  5. lol!!!:) love it

  6. you should be a comdian. this joke is hilarious! lol

  7. excessive use of the word "probably", using "1923 US reports" as reference, and calling Marijuana "Addictive" when in actuality it is on the same Mental & Emotional level as an Eating disorder, amongst other obvious evidence of your uninformed and biased opinion, are all reasons why you should keep your fingers Idle until you have learnt all there is to know.

    do some research, University student.


  8. 1) Marijuana is not ALWAYS a gateway drug. It really depends on the person. I've done it for about 3 years, and never even had the temptation to try another harder substance. In fact I'm probably just as against the hard drugs listed above as the person who wrote this article. If you try another drug, it's because YOU wanted to, Marijuana does not change your beliefs.

    2) Sure, it does make you react slower. But it doesn't make you careless. Obviously it's not as safe to drive while intoxicated, on anything. But saying that it is worse than alcohol is ridiculous. Being drunk makes you unbalanced, distorts your vision, and makes you much less aware of your surroundings (which likely causes the driver to lose track of their speed). I've never driven while on either substances but I know for a fact that the two have far different effects on ones motor skills. Not that you could compare, seeing how you've never tried it.

    3)All smoke damages your lungs. Period. And given how much research has been put into this subject, I'm sure we would know if it caused more cancer cases than cigarettes. Why would doctors perscribe marijuana to cancer patients if it would make the cancer worse?

    4) Yes, sometimes marijuana does cause slight loss of memory, but you wouldn't forget about your food cooking if you had the munchies. Forget something? Go back and get it. Over feeding your cat? Bonus for your cat I guess.

    5)I see nothing wrong with "thinking about your situation". Maybe coming to a realization about something to your life could be a positive thing. Watching animal planet or listening to music are both normal activities. If you've got nothing to do, why not do both at the same time?

    6) Sometimes I do homework while I'm high. Last time I checked that required a fair amount of thinking. It actually can make the experience more enjoyable. It makes you think about the question.

    7) If you have a history of schizophrenia or depression in your family, simply don't do it if you're that concerned. I'd also like to see the source of the article that states that marijuana causes murderous thoughts. I can safely say I haven't experienced murderous thoughts while on it. You probably got that bit of information from an anti-marijuana article which very well could be filled with false propaganda. Also, it's from 1923 which is close to when Marijuana laws first started to come into play. Of course they're going to discourage it.

    8) Maybe you don't realize how many people already use it during work and school. Look it up.

    9) Over the past few months I did it on a regular basis, but I haven't done it for about 2 weeks now. Being a teenager, I'm sure my parents would have noticed if I was suffering from withdrawals. And as far as I know, I haven't gone crazy.

    10)It is far less addictive than those prescription drugs you've listed. It astounds me that you can think otherwise

    Overall I hope that this was a giant practical joke. If you truly believe all that you've wrote, someone has clearly done a VERY good job of keeping you in the dark. Ps. Maybe you should give it a try. It might loosen you up a bit ;)

    1. Im sorry but this man hit it on the button and I have friends that lives were destroyed by excessive pot smoking. Too much of anything is not good for you period.

  9. after exploring the facets of this blog, being in disbelief that this was in fact not an incredibly poorly carried-out ironic joke post, I've come to realize that its run by Right-wing religious zealots from Wisconsin. For everyone outside of that State, save a few poor lonely souls, and Eric Foreman, this makes complete sense of why this particular post is based on so much uninformed, close-minded OPINION (re: lack of facts). Yet another classic case of small minds, thinking small.

    Yet another demonstration of good reason to always do some research on topics you want to waste not only yours, but others' time on before openly admitting how much of a total thickheaded dork you are on the World Wide Web.

    like, this very real article about the Decriminalization of Marijuana Possession up to a Quarter Ounce:

    seriously, I haven't even graduated high school, so why is it that this isn't the first time I've had to correct University Students?

    remember kids;
    just because you're working on attaining a Piece of Paper that say's you're smart,
    doesn't mean you are.



  11. After exploring the facets of this blog, you (@radleymatthew) have come to the conclusion that it is run by right-wing religious zealots?

    Read deeper my friend. Not everything is at face value.

    For instance, not to ask the obvious, but did you think about why this post was authored by "Mr. Thickskull"?

  12. Ok at ANON 9:35 (@radleymatthew) - your statement, "being in disbelief that this was in fact not an incredibly poorly carried-out ironic joke post, I've come to the realization..."

    You used one too many negatives, and your message was a bit unclear. I can't tell if you are somehow adding more sarcasm, or if you are just a poor editor, so I'd like to know the answer to the question asked by ANON 9:53 (see above). Maybe you should wait until you've taken a college level writing course before you attempt to condescend the university members who participate in this blog.

    And remember kid, it's very important that you revise and edit your writing, particularly when it is being viewed publicly on the internet by people who are obviously more educated than you.

    Now, my educated guess is that this was meant to be a jab at those who are actively against marijuana use and the legalization of it. In fact, I bet it was even meant to draw responses that give valid arguments against Mr. Thickskull's blatantly invalid and illogical argument for why marijuana should remain illegal (see a later post - "REEFER MADNESS NEVER DIES", as well as the comment on here by ANON 9:00).

    So there you go - a very straightforward explanation of the nature of this blog post, just for you children out there.

  13. lol, this is so stupid i was laughing

  14. You're such a dumbass lol. Everyone against pot looks at it the wrong way.

  15. Your article is the last nail in the coffin; marijuana is a drug that impairs your cognitive functions and is a threat to society. I speak on behalf of the inherent effect it has had on many of my family members and friends - it does nothing but make you stupid. It makes you an idiot; and in a society where cognitive capacity is the gateway to success, any drug that interferes thereby is deemed to make you a useless. I do however tolerate the use of marijuana on an infrequent basis, when circumstantially applicable. Being high when you're having sex is an unbelievable experience; but then again, when you're high all the time nobody would want to have sex with you because you'll be perceived as a useless pothead. Moral of the story: Stay away from pot (unless you're getting laid); in the least ... drink alcohol.

  16. Funny how people who smoke pot say its good... Kinda like saying your team is right on that team.. They people I trust in the anti pot debate are smokers that stopped smoking because they arent "under the influence" anymore and know what pot is like.

  17. Wow who the fuck are you trying fool...i mean seriously you had me at murderous thoughts lol. Take youropinions and shove the up your ass, and let pot heads be!

  18. only liberal fucktards believe legalizing pot is a good idea