Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did the police really need to bust me? (by anon)

So I understand that I deserved the punishment I got but I would just like to rant about the fact we are encouraged to call the police for a safe ride home if we are uncomfortable at the place we are at or we are too intoxicated to get home by ourselves.  But I don’t know anyone that would actually not call the police for a ride because they would be too afraid they would get some sort of ticket or write-up even though the police will theoretically bring you home no questions asked.  But the fact that you can be questioned by a police officer for just talking by the elevator and supposedly being too loud and then get breathalyzed in response and then given the option of getting a ticket or taking a class and community service because there was alcohol found in your system seems a little extreme when you weren’t hurting anyone or anything.  If I had called the police from a party and asked for a ride because I was too belligerently drunk to get home am I suppose to believe that there won’t be any consequences for me later?  I don’t really buy that.

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  1. Well regardless, if you're found with alcohol in your system and you're underage, you will get a ticket. That is the law, even if you did just call for a ride home from a party, or you were just standing by an elevator, you will get a ticket unless you are 21 or older. That's the way I understand it at least.
    When I was 20, I was at a party that was just about finished, with a few stragglers. The cops showed up, because apparently a car was parked too close to the road, and they breathalyzed us all. I was .026 and got a citation that I was able to eliminate from my record by taking a class. There were sleeping people in another room who had to be woken up to get breathalyzed, and given the same thing. Obviously we were doing nothing harmful, just sitting in a house at 4am. Perhaps the cops could have just moved the mis-parked car for us, or had someone who was able to drive do it, seeing as that was the reason they initially came into the house (or so they say).
    I have come to understand that in many cases, what police must do sometimes to fulfill their so-called job is far from logical, sensible, rational, or reasonable in any way shape or form, because there are a lot of laws and procedures that just don't make any sense at all, and when one tries to ask an authority for reasons, there isn't always a sound argument or justification, or it's just "the law". For instance, why can't we smoke marijuana on the rocks at summerfest, while we CAN drink alcohol and get wasted to the point of screaming, fighting, puking, being sent to the hospital, and even dying? Certainly because marijuana is illegal and alcohol is not. However, pot being illegal has nothing to do with protecting our health, safety, or personal well-being.... otherwise, certainly alcohol would be illegal as well.
    So you see, there are just laws, rules, regulations, etc. that sometimes just don't make sense, and they don't exactly maintain justice for every person in every situation. But who am I, and who are you to think about and work out what is justice and what is not? I mean, what do you think this is? Some kind of democracy?