Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook status crazies (by anon)

Personally, I have fallen under the category of putting my favorite song lyrics down as my Facebook status, but there comes to a point when it goes too far.  Song lyrics talking about relationships can be cute, but seriously sometimes I feel like just saying “Gag me.”  And also, when people put random things as their status it just leaves me thinking “Whaaaaaat?”

“We working you mother fucker Gangster, gangster, gangster” was put as one of my friends statuses a while ago.  The song is Gangsta by Akon.  The thing I wanted to ask this person was “Why are you working me?”  And “Why am I a mother fucker?”  And “Why the heck are you posting this as your status?”  Maybe the lyrics have some emotional or symbolic meaning to the person, but seriously, do these statuses really belong on facebook?


  1. Everyone has their own way of expression. If you don't like what people post on Facebook, you can always hide that persons posts ( if you think of them as a real friend) or defriend them if you so offended.

    Media may be censered all the time, but it's much harder to censor internet posts or real life.

    Prof Chaos.

  2. I don't think anyone can really say what statuses belong and do not belong on facebook. Also, you just have to get used to dealing with people saying stupid things, and quoting bad song lyrics because it happens all the time, and people might think your posts are just as bad. People are people and they will do what they want, listen to the music they want, and recite whatever crappy songs they want on facebook. Get used to it, and get rid of the facebook friends who annoy you with their stupid posts.