Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm a hippie and I'm proud! (by anon)

What do people even mean when they call me a hippie?

Yes I am deeply spiritual, yes I speak of and feel vibrations, yes I wear crystals. But only because this is what works for me.

My generation needs a new mantra. We need to keep reconstructing our society to make it a more comfortable place to live. Sure, we are an incredibly diverse population and everybody fits into their niche, but it is possible for everyone to be a hippie at heart. Let me explain.

To start, we do indeed need to become more aware of the food we’re eating. Do we even realize how much processed food we’re in taking? Does anybody else feel like a total robot eating plastic food off a belt-line?  Is it a surprise that we develop some type of cancer by the time we’re 50?

And then we have the athletes who work out religiously and eat “healthy,” yet they consume pre-workout and protein shakes. I dare you to read the ingredient label of a typical brand of workout formula. Can you pronounce half of the ingredients? Do you know what a third of them actually are? When did this become okay? I won’t try to convince you to turn vegetarian or vegan, but we need nowhere close to that amount of protein whatsoever. Why are we obsessed with having huge muscles anyways? Before we over-exercise our biceps and triceps, let’s work our brains a little bit more by actually reading a book.

We need to stop declaring to other people how we’re vegetarian and vegan. If that’s how you live your life, do it and don’t discuss it. It IS something to be proud of, but you look like a jackass or a brat when you press it upon other people and they don’t inquire.

To touch on this GMO-organic debate. Yes, I know what GMO stands for. Yes, I understand that some of our vegetables wouldn’t exist without being genetically modified, i.e. broccoli. I realize that they’re not immediately killing us. But if you’re buying bananas at the grocery store, and half of them are labeled organic and the other not, why would you not choose to eat organically? They’re a tad more expensive but why would you pay less for chemicals? Eating organic isn’t “hippie” it’s reverting back to what is natural. Being natural is HUMAN, let’s not forget that we are HUMAN.

We need to be more concerned about recycling, or at least become aware of how we use our resources. For a while, I didn’t believe in recycling or sorting through my garbage before I threw it away. Think of how much garbage we produce daily and weekly, where does it all go? We have to have some sort of cycle that rids our garbage and it somehow all works out in the end.

But that’s not entirely what it’s about. It’s about only using as much water as you need. Whether brushing your teeth or taking a shower, washing the dishes…only use what you need. Turn off the lights or electronics when they’re not in use. We should simply aim to be more conservative, and use things purposefully.

Hippies get teased for believing in rocks and crystals. Um, it’s about time we start cherishing a rock other than a diamond! A diamond is completely corrupt and should lose all of its worth, along with gold. Who started this?? I understand historically that that’s what our currency was backed up with, but now a days, you cannot even turn on the radio without having jeweler commercials nagging you to spend thousands on diamonds because it’s engagement season. Does anyone realize that it’s always engagement season? Do you realize how DEAD the concept of marriage is?

A crystal is timeless, and will never lose its worth to those that acknowledge it. They are valuable because they emit vibrations and frequencies that can be soothing and even healing.

There, I said it: vibration. VIBE. I used to get SO utterly peeved when somebody would say, “Sending you good vibes J” or “I’m getting bad vibes…” Whatever the case. Then I realized, I just have to bite my tongue and not get ticked because vibrations do exist; they’re perpetually all around us and we cannot escape them. I mean, what else is enjoying good music?

But seriously, please stop saying “vibe.”

Yes, good music does exist outside of music festivals. Yes, I love a good music festival. But I will never ever pay hundreds of dollars to go to an over-commercialized event. That is total non-sense. There is more to life than electric music, dubstep, techno, trance, drum and bass. Music festivals are an important part of our expanding generation. They are more than an open field for hippies to go and do a bunch of drugs and roll around in the dirt. It’s an event that like-minded people go where they can enjoy hours of live music night and day, where they can dance fiercely, and express themselves freely.

There’s art being sold and produced around every corner. There are people doing balancing acts, playing with their flowing toys, giving light shows, spinning fire. These things take a huge amount of talent, and/or a countless amount of practice hours! You can dress in the most obnoxious costume or the most fashionable clothes, and you are only there to be accepted and enjoyed.

A hippie enjoys. They are simplistic, they are optimistic, they are happy. They create their own happiness, they are content and confident within themselves, and they want what’s best for everybody. They make choices that help better nature, our planet, our creator. This is something vital that we can all attain.

Don’t you want to?


  1. Rrrrrrrrrright.

    Why are you trying to bring this hippy-dippy bullshit into arenas that it has no business in?

    So you are a sensual person who is down with "mother earth". That's cool.

    What's the point? It sounds like you have values similar to a lot of other people, but with a bunch of added crap that no one needs to care about. It's nice to be concerned with the environment, waste-saving, and against harmful chemicals in and on our food. But why are you talking about crystals and vibrations (with no science to back it up I might add)? And stuff that reminds me of Burning Man?

    So a hippie "enjoys". Cool. So do a lot of other people in their own way. I don't think you're offering anything new to people who could care less about your aesthetically pleasing subcultural fantasy world.

  2. "They’re a tad more expensive but why would you pay less for chemicals?"

    I'm glad you have never been in the position to count your pennies (or at least it doesn't sound like it). Others have. Sounds like a great learning opportunity to volunteer at a soup kitchen.

    "But seriously, please stop saying “vibe.”"

    That seems a rather harmless word to use and a lot of unneeded stress over it...

    "But I will never ever pay hundreds of dollars to go to an over-commercialized event. That is total non-sense. There is more to life than electric music, dubstep, techno, trance, drum and bass."

    Ouch. First cost does not equal quality as you say, but that goes both ways. Inexpensive does not necessarily equal quality either. And a big stage show is not the same experience as a smaller (more personable?) street show/etc. Apples and oranges. What if one of the small shows you like hits it off and goes big? Are they suddenly something to be shunned?