Monday, November 23, 2015

Open The Doors To Syrian Refugees?? (by anon)

          As many of you may know, the people from Syria are fleeing their country because of the ongoing civil war taking place. President Assad is being protested against because of the violent crackdowns and restrictions he has placed on the country. With that, these Syrians are trying to leave as refugees of war. They are making way to Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and working their way farther into Europe.
With the realization of many of these people are dying while trying to cross the Mediterranean, European countries have had open arms to letting these people in. Recently, terrorist attacks took place in Paris on Friday, November 13th. Instantly, speculation arose of the terrorists being ISIS members that came in as “refugees” which makes sense. President Assad has called together Russia, Iran, and Iraq, might I just point out, our worst enemies. Members of ISIS, if you did not know stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, are obviously composed in these areas. Many think they have taken advantage of the war and people leaving to spread their roots into other countries, especially the U.S. With the presidential elections coming up, this is a huge debate.
Should we allow refugees into the United States? To me, this seems like a very obvious answer. HELL NO! ISIS is a huge problem for us. First off, I don’t know why because they are just some Islamic militant group with guns riding around on the back of pickup trucks. The Obama Administration or other world powers should have squashed this situation a while ago but, instead we actually have to think about potentially putting our country in danger and allowing thousands of refugees into the U.S. It’s not that we shouldn’t be caring for the poor people that had to leave their own country but, we shouldn’t be vulnerable. There’s a major difference because I think as a nation we first have to care for our own people in it and then provide help to our other friends and allies.

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  1. There has never been a connection between the refugees and the terrorists in Paris. In fact, many of them were native to France. ISIS recruits through social media the same way sexual predators lure their targets--ending their presence online is key. Allowing refugees could allow this. ISIS has this propaganda magazine (that's incredibly well designed) and they don't shy away from what they are doing--they don't sugar coat the gruesome realities. What's interesting is that they are terrified of the Syrian's leaving the country. The refugees pay for their war. The refugees are the unwilling doctors, mechanics, and other specialized jobs that they need in order to run their war machine. By refusing the refugees, you are essentially funding ISIS. You are allowing terror to take over--they when you are too afraid to help people. These refugees are the only people allowing ISIS to pay its soldiers, their media and design experts, their training grounds, etc. Denying refugees is what they want, because losing them means a ton of their money gets cut off. Think of it that way if helping another human being just isn't cutting it for you. Letting fear take hold is their whole agenda. They want you to let them continue to hurt people. And that's exactly what you're giving them.