Thursday, January 29, 2015

UWW Car Towing (by anon)

I got to campus this morning and all was well - parked where I normally do. The same as I have been since early last semester. Not once have I gotten a ticket, not a warning about a towing.

I have the valid parking permit; my car has valid license plates; no warrants...nothing.

I walk out of having a day full of classes - just as EVERY OTHER college student on this campus - and I walk out to my car being gone.

I didn't know if it was stolen; there was no broken glass but that means nothing. I end up having to talk with campus police and running around trying to learn what happened to my car; whether I have to file a police report or if UW-W has towed my car.

Turns out they had it towed to Milwaukee street. That gave me NO information about why my car was towed. I received no warning - which also means no tickets - that my car was going to be removed should I continue to park in that lot.

Not only was my car towed, but no one contacted me to inform me of this inconvenience. The school has my contact information, both my local and permanent address. They have my cell phone number and my parent's landline number. They have my student ID number attached to the valid parking permit I paid for in September.

I'm curious how Whitewater chooses to practice how and why cars get towed; why there is no requirement to inform the owner of said car the reasons for the tow; and why they are allowed to not inform the owner of the car that they will be needing to retrieve their car from Milwaukee Street.

Doesn't seem ethical to let their students or faculty, or visitors, to be sent on a wild goose chase.

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