Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What is to come of humanity with such hate? (by anon)

If you are or were ever in doubt that gay and lesbian people have significant and alarming opposition to them, please read the below comment that was recently sent anonymously to this blog.


What I Demonstrated To Gays:

I showed care and compassion. It was on full display. I fed you when you were hungry, I offered drinks and other stuff for free. I clothed you, helped you when you've been unwell, I gave you warmth from the cold, I saved your life, picked you up from the floor when you're drug fucked. I listened when you were down, I listened when you cried, I hugged you when you needed comfort. I gave you advice to help you. I researched your illnesses so I could understand. I gave you lifts, I gave you a voice, I gave you a chance, I gave you freedom, I gave you compassion and I gave you love...and it was real. These things demonstrate a man with a true heart.

What Gays Demonstrated:

You sexually assaulted me, you robbed my property. You stole my money, you lied to my face. You laughed at my body, you ambushed me everywhere, you ganged up on me when I needed you most. You humiliated me to the point of cutting my body and trying to die. You never gave me a voice and never listened. You didn't care what you did so long as it was bad. You made me hate myself and the fact that i was gay. You damaged my property and locked me out of my house. You thought I was worth nothing so you never bothered to text, for weeks and weeks yet you broke my heart for not being there. You dumped me on Xmas Eve after i helped you a lot (Merry Xmas). You bullied and ridiculed and never gave me a chance. You made me cry night after night. You gave me an illness that I can no longer live. You took a hard life and made it unbearable. You gang up in numbers while I'm a lone voice. You wrecked my computer and downloaded whatever you wanted. You made my Mum sick and my daughter a broken heart. I had no idea what you were all up to. You stole 13 years of my life which I'll never get back. Look at what I did for you and look at what you did TO me. You gave me a life that I can no longer live...and I wanted NONE of it.

I now know who you are and what you stand for. It is clear to me now and its all too late. If only you were good and it would have all been different. But none of you are and never will be. I loathe your looks, the way that you talk. I can't stand to be near you. I go to my death knowing that my family will be broken...by you...by YOU and you alone.

I hate you gays...your murderers and scum. And when I'm gone, watch your back...you'll never know when it comes. 


Disgusting.  Pure and simple.  We have such short lives in an insignificant, absolutely small region of the universe.  The amount of hate some people generate makes me question humanity, and whether we can ever give dignity to that infinitesimal space.


  1. It's comical how you are blasting hate, yet you are so hateful yourself.

    1. There is a difference in attacking people in who they are and in critiquing the attack itself. The comment in the OP was against people, yet the OP itself was a critical remark against that comment. I see those as two fundamentally different things. The OP says nothing about the commenter him/herself, only that which the commenter said.

  2. I don't understand this post. The anonymous poster themself says they were gay.... but then for whatever reason was being attacked by gays?