Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When the game loses its value (by anon)

Competitiveness and competition are bound to happen in any sport; that’s already well known and expected.  However, once people are overly competitive and just plain rude that is when the game becomes un-enjoyable.  I get that people like to win and most play to win and I myself hate to lose so I understand when people get upset or frustrated when losing, especially if they were once winning or ahead in the game.  But becoming unsportsmanlike and irritated not only makes the individual look foolish, but the whole team is given a bad rep as well.  The team itself may even be referred to as the team that complained, cussed, yelled etc.

Some may say “why do you get so worked up, it is just a game?”  This phrase has some meaning and truth to it but ultimately I hate this question.  It is not just a game, sports are something people compete in and most often do their best to succeed and win.  Even more than that games are a way to better oneself in any and all aspects of the game and in life.  Teammates learn to cooperate with each other and form team cohesion.  The ability to communicate effectively with them and essentially trust them is something that is greatly strengthened by playing in competitive games.

When someone on the opposing team becomes aggravated and yells at me, and my teammates, refs, umps, etc or become overly physical and aggressive, it truthfully makes the game hard for me as well as others to enjoy.  When someone on my team does it I honestly find it difficult to continue playing the game with them.  This has happened to me before and it is not only embarrassing but demeaning to me as an athlete when I just want to have a healthy and fun competition with my opponents.  Yelling, swearing, “talking shit”, pushing by another player puts a negative image not only on the player but the whole team.  Standing up for yourself and your team is one thing, but acting like an ass because you are losing or the refs/umps make a bad call is not an excuse.  Games are meant to be fun and enjoyed with friends, teammates, siblings and even the challengers.  Once anger arises and all sportsmanship had disappeared that is when it loses the components and aspects of a real game.

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